My ViewPad Features

My ViewPad is obviously the highest quality free viewer of raster and vector graphics files ever made for Windows operating systems.
It is based on the original graphics engine developed by the company. This engine is the kernel for all multimedia solutions developed by fCoder
The graphics engine was created about 7 years ago and has constantly been improved ever since. It has become a powerful and multifunctional tool capable of fulfilling any computer graphics tasks.

While working with the graphics engine we have gained much experience as well as introduced a lot of improvements recommended by our users. We have increased the number of supported graphics formats and improved speed and quality of working with them.

My ViewPad uses all advantages of our engine. The result is an easy-to-use, handy and freeware - but at the same time very powerful - graphics viewer ideally suiting professionals working with graphics as well as average users.

My ViewPad Features


The application is cross-browser and is supported by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
a large number of both vector and raster graphics formats is supported. The program can read about 80 formats and write to about 25 formats . The original engine ensures deep and high quality support for common as well as relatively rare image formats.


all existing versions of TIFF format including TIFF old jpeg compression (v6) and TIF v6 WANG, TIFF with FLATE and JBIG compression are fully supported.

such versions of JPEG as JPEG ITU T.42 and JPEG lossless are fully supported

vector WPG format and DICOM format for medical images are fully supported

JBIG format is fully supported. The ability of saving full-color images to JBIG format is preserved.

and many more.
images can be received from scanners and cameras (via TWAIN interface),
batch image scanning is also supported.

You can print images straight from the application.
My ViewPad can be used as a standalone application as well as Total Commander ® file browser plugin
the program is disctributed as freeware

Interface & Viewing:

navigating graphics files is traditionally convenient.
image preview is enabled when navigating and opening files.
drag & drop operation is supported when opening images for viewing
images can be viewed in fullscreen mode
EXIF and IPTC information can be viewed from formats supporting EXIF and IPTC
when viewing images, transparency of alpha-channels is taken into account.
RAW images are fully supported, preview option included.

Features for image editing:

Flip image horizontally.
Flip image vertically.
Clockwise rotation.
Counterclockwise rotation.
Scaling (with or without constraining proportions).
Crop image.


Multi-threading for optimum performance
MMX/SSE/SSE2 optimizations for high speed image transformations

Supported formats

Format Name ExtensionReadWrite
MS Windows Iconicoyesyes
MS Windows Cursorcuryesyes
MS Windows Animated Cursoraniyes 
MS Windows Bitmapbmp, vga, rl4, rl8, sysyesyes
MS Windows DIBdibyesyes
MS Windows Bitmap with RLEbmp, dib, rleyes 
OS/2 Bitmap Arraybmpyes 
GIF Graphics Interchange Formatbmp, bgayesyes
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Groupjpeg, jpg, jpeyesyes
JPEG: JFIFjpeg, jpg, jpe, jfif, thmyesyes
JPEG ITU T.42jpeg, jpg, jpeyesyes
JPEG:losslessjpeg, jpg, jpeyesyes
Kodak Photo CDpcdyes 
ZSoft Paintbrush PCXpcx, pccyesyes
Multipaged PCXdcxyesyes
PortableNetwork Graphicspngyesyes
Portable AnyMap ppm, pnm, pbm, pgm yesyes
Portable PixMapppmyesyes
Portable BitMappbmyesyes
Portable GreyMappgmyesyes
Truevision Targatga, vst, vda, icb, tpicyesyes
Tag Image File Format. TIFF Revision 5tif, tiffyesyes
Tag Image File Format. TIFF Revision 6 +tif, tiffyesyes
Wireless Bitmap (Level 0)wbm, wbmpyesyes
Windows metafileswmfyesyes
Aldus Placeable metafilesapmyesyes
Enhanced metafilesemfyesyes
Windows GDI+ dual metafileemfyesyes
Windows GDI+ metafileemfyesyes
Word Perfect Grasphic, Rasterwpgyes 
Word Perfect Grasphic, Vectorwpgyes 
Adobe Photoshop Documentpsd, pddyesyes
GEM Bit Imageimgyes 
Amiga Interchange FileIff, lbmyes 
SUN Rastersun, rasyes 
Silicon Graphics Imagesgi, rgbyes 
X-Windows bitmapxbmyes 
X-Windows pixmapxpmyes 
DXF Drawing Interchange Formatdxfyes 
Utah RLE rasterrleyes 
Macintosh picturepict, pctyes 
Paint Shop Pro File Formatpspyes 
OLE storage with embedded JPEG  yes 
FlashPix Formatfpxyesyes
JPEG-2000 Codestreamjp2, jpc, j2k, jpx, j2cyesyes
JPEG-2000 JP2 File Formatjp2, jpc, j2k, jpx, j2cyesyes
Multiple Network Graphicmngyes 
JPEG Network Graphicjngyes 
Windows Clipboardclpyes 
HP Graphic Languagehpg, hpglyes 
Dr. Halocutyes 
OTA Nokia Logo Bitmapotb, gsmyes 
JBIG2jb2, jbigyes 
JBIGjbg, jbigyesyes
Alias/Wavefront PIXpixyes 
Wavefront RLArlayes 
Dicom medical imagedcm, dicom, dic, acryes 
Microsoft Paintmspyes 
VICAR Video Image Communication and Retrievalvic, vicar, imgyes 
KOALA Paintkoa, ggyes 
XWD X Windows system window dumpxwd, x11yes 
Palm Pilot Image Filepdbyes 
CALS type 1cal, calsyes 
CALS type2 cal, calsyes 
SFF Structure Fax Formatsffyes 
Microsoft Access snapshot filesnpyes 
Nikon D1 Raw Filenefyes 
Nikon D100 Raw Filenefyes 
WinFax filesfxm, fxr, fxs, fxdyes 
Group3 Fax Fileg3yes 
Group4 Fax Fileg4yes 
Cineon Image File Formatdpxyes 
Computer Graphics Metafilecgmyes 
Softimage PICpicyes 
AT&T/Multigen ICNicnyes 

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